1. To coordinate NGOs/ INGOs/UN Agencies/Palikas / Political parties and line agencies to implement the program on integrated way to focus on women and children to reduce their problems.
  2. Support and strengthen capacity of NGOs for their improvement and to provide quality basic services in the community.
  3. To work for overall Development Program for holistic development of nation. 
  4. To work for Environment and Natural Calamities as well as health, Sanitation, Education and Water. 
  5. To support literacy program for the under privileged group of Children and women.
  6. To form community infrastructure and mobilize them to Assessment of their problems and planned to implement activities for reduce their problems.
  7. To develop human resources in local NGOs for program planning, management, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. 
  8. To support in LBs to meet the goal and objective of SDGs
  9. To support LBs in facilitation of service delivery to maintain good governance.