“Your Gift of a donation to us can change a life of various people”

Due to COVID-19 pandemic people are facing an unprecedented challenge with communities and economies everywhere, People are living in poverty or without access to healthcare face even greater risk of COVID-19 pandemic. Provincial 2 has been vulnerable to various types of Natural disasters including Earthquake, Flood, Landslide, Cold Wave, Fire, Tornado, Thunderstorm and many others. SODCC helps people in part of Education and other health facilities to those people suffering from various crises.

To support the emergency fund SODCC Parsa has established its bank account, which details are given below:

Account Name:  Social Organization District Coordination Committee Parsa (SODCC Parsa)

Bank A/C Number:   04400305745000001

Bank Name:  Nepal Bank LTD.

Your donation could help SODCC to protect and help Vulnerable Families & Communities during various crises.